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Start with a grueling 27 km Trail run and end with a technically challenging 30 km Cross Country mountain bike.

Want to share the fun with someone else? Runner starts out and runs 27 km, then tags rider who goes out for 30 km. Lowest combined time determines placement.

Mountain Bike
Fun, technical cross country course designed for 'maximum enjoyment'. 30 km of classic North shore trails including: Ned's Atomic Dust Bin, Bottle Top and Old Buck to name a few.

15 km Trail Run
Get the excitement of Dirty Duo without the pain by doing some of the 27 km route minus the big hills. If you did The Phantom Run, you can do this one.

27 km Trail Run
Looking to get off the pavement and get a little dirty? Well this challenging 27 km trail run is for you.

50 km Trail Ultra - Ultra runners do two slightly different loops.
Double your pleasure!