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Race Day Info

Schedule of Activities

Friday, March 4, 2016
5:00-7:00 pm - Package Pick Up
980 Marine Drive, North Vancouver, BC
Phone: (604) 982-0878
Forerunners - North Vancouver Store

Saturday, March 5, 2016
Start/Finish/Awards: Jaycee House 1251 Lillooet Rd (see map below)
Package Pickup #2 before your race starts.

7:00-7:30 am 'Sign-in' for 50 km, Solo and Relay
7:30 am Early start for 50 km ultra
7:50 am Briefing inside Jaycee House
8:00 am Start 50 km, Solo and Relay (runner goes first)

9:00-9:30 am 'Sign-in' for 27 km run and Bike only
9:50 am Briefing inside Jaycee House
10:00 am Start 27 km run AND bike only start

12:00-12:30 'Sign-in' for 15 km Run
12:50 Briefing for 15 km Run in Jaycee House
1:00 pm Start 15 km Run

3:30 pm Awards start
4:00 pm Course closes to all racers
5:00 pm Farewell till next year!

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Race Start/Finish

The start/finish/awards take place at the Jaycee House. Jaycee House is located at 1251 Lillooet Road across from Capilano University. Limited 'free' parking is available, with lots of pay parking for $3/day at Capilano University. Make sure you do NOT park in the Equestrian parking lot.